Regulating money in electoral process (Starts – June 2023)

Too much money in elections can distort electoral politics by killing electoral competition, bastardizing politics, and leading to political corruption. This is even worse in situations where there are no laws to regulate the use of money in electoral politics. The unregulated use of money in electoral processes has exposed political processes and actors to private interests from individuals, private firms, and companies who finance and invest in politics for private gain.

For democracy to thrive, money in electoral processes especially campaigns must be regulated to safeguard the integrity of elections and their outcomes.

This course focuses on the legal and institutional framework necessary for regulating money in election campaigns, the best practices in regulating money in electoral politics, abuse of state resources for partisan politics

Learning Outcome

Participants are able through regulatory and institutional frameworks to regulate the influence of money and abuse of state resources in electoral processes.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the legal framework regulating money in election campaigns
  • Identifying best practices in regulating money in politics
  • Dealing with Abuse of State Resources for partisan politics
  • Monitoring campaign financing in an election

Target Participants

Political Candidates, Political Parties, Politicians, Political Organizations, Policy Makers, Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs), Researchers, and Civil Society Organizations

Course Duration & Delivery Format

8 days, 3 hours each day, online.

Course Fee

300 USD

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