Political Corruption and Business Integrity (PCBI).

Recognizing the complex and often veiled relationship between business and politics where the perpetrators of corruption in the electoral cycle, illicit transfers, and enablers of kleptocracy are often business and political elites, ACFIM’s strategic objective is to promote transparency and accountability in these relations.

 Through this strategic intervention, we aim to create an environment where the relationship between business and politics is transparent, accountable, and aligned with the principles of good governance. This will contribute to reducing political corruption, improving governance, and fostering sustainable economic and political development.

  • Political and business corruption documented and exposed.
  • Intersection between political decisions and political finance documented.
  • Public procurement and campaign finance corruption exposed.
  • Public contract transparency improved.
  • Financial crimes and dirty money documented.
  • Transnational corruption and kleptocracy exposed.
  • Businesses integrity enhanced.


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