Democratic Accountability (DEMA)

ACFIM’s strategic objective is to promote mechanisms, processes, and institutions through which government officials and institutions are held responsible for their actions, decisions, and policies to the citizens they serve.

In a democratic system, accountability serves as a safeguard to ensure that those in positions of authority and power remain transparent, responsive, and answerable to the electorate. we aim to ensure that Government actions and decisions are transparent and open to public scrutiny; that citizens participate in electoral processes to choose their representatives and leaders through free and fair elections, and that those elected officials are accountable to their constituents.

We aim to create an environment where the relationship between business and politics is transparent, accountable, and aligned with the principles of good governance. This will contribute to reducing political corruption, improving governance, and fostering sustainable economic and political development.

1) Elections monitored/observed and documented.

2) Political rights promoted and protected.

3) Civic space for citizen observers protected.

4) Citizen engagement in political processes enhanced.

5) Public participation in political processes improved.

6) Civic space for democratic accountability expanded.

7) Platforms for dialogue and collaboration between civil society and governments created


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