About Us

Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) rises to the challenge of political finance being one of the most under-researched and under-legislated subjects in Africa.

Who is ACFIM?

Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, pro-democracy, pan-African political finance think-tank and continental watchdog on money in politics, civic space for citizen observers, and political corruption. ACFIM defends democracy by promoting inclusive, transparent, and accountable financing of politics and public institutions. ACFIM also promotes peaceful elections and the rights of citizen observers as well as investigating political corruption and promoting ethical business practices.

The organisation is committed to promoting political and business integrity by following the money in political parties and election campaigns; ensuring that elected leaders are responsive and accountable to their constituents; promoting civic participation, enhancing accountability in public institutions and exposing the political corruption that undermines democracy and economic prosperity in Africa.

Our Vision

An African society whose leaders emerge from political processes that are inclusive, transparent and accountable.


To promote and strengthen political integrity by fostering inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability in financing politics and public institutions for sustainable democracy and development in Africa. We do this through knowledge generation, civic engagement, and formulating policy solutions.

Our Five Golden Values

Strategic Goal

ACFIM aims to contribute towards building political integrity by promoting inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability in the funding of campaigns, political parties, and public institutions politics with a view of strengthening the democracy-development nexus in Africa.

We aim to become the Africa’s leading “megaphone” for the cause of transparent and accountable political and public financing with a view of contributing towards reversing the democratic backsliding and degradation that African countries are experiencing.


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