Fundraising for a successful Election Campaign (Starts – Feb 2023)

Money is essential for a successful election campaign and almost determines the outcome of an election. The difference between well-resourced and under-resourced political parties and candidates in an electoral race is the capacity to mobilize and fundraise for campaign money and other needed resources.

Yet fundraising for resources is not an easy task and remains a challenge to politicians and political parties competing in an election. It is more daunting in countries where laws on campaign financing are non-existent, weak, or not enforced.

In this course, you will learn tips and tricks for fundraising for your election campaigns or the campaigns of your political party or candidate. You will also be introduced to demonstrative tools and tactics for mobilizing resources, mapping funding sources, rules of engagement, the legal and illegal sources of funds, and growing a funding base. The course also focuses on the legal, policy, and institutional frameworks that influence campaign finance fundraising in specific country contexts.

Learning Outcome

Participants successfully completing this course should be able to raise the campaign finance necessary for a successful election campaign.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the concepts of fundraising for campaigns
  • Identifying context-specific fundraising tools and techniques
  • Mapping your own potential funding sources
  • Design your own campaign fundraising strategy

Target Participants

Political Candidates, Political Parties, Campaign Agents, Politicians, Political Organizations, Policy Makers, Researchers and Civil Society Organizations

Course Duration & Delivery Format

10 days, 3 hours each day, online.

Course Fee

300 USD

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