Fundraising for Political Parties (From Nov 14th, 2022 to 2nd Dec 2022)

Running a political party requires resources. There is a misconception that political parties only need resources during election season. This is wrong! Functional political parties have continuous/routine political activities that require funding. Political Parties must maintain a presence, build constituencies and support, nurture leaders who become flag bearers, research and develop alternative policies, and organize internal party processes like primaries and delegates conferences, among others. All these activities require resources.

This course focuses on the ways to fund political party activities. It introduces participants to the existing funding models, the legal and policy frameworks, the funding sources, the opportunities and risks in private sector funding, and the sustainability of political parties.

Learning Outcome

Political parties are able to finance and sustain planned activities and remain competitive and vibrant.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the legal framework of political party funding
  • Introducing political party funding models
  • Identifying funding sources for political parties
  • Self-sustaining funding for political parties
  • Marketing and fundraising for political parties
  • Mapping unwanted and illegal funding sources for political parties

Target Participants

Political Party Leaders, Political Parties, Political Organizations, Policy Makers, Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs), Researchers, and Civil Society Organizations

Course Duration & Delivery Format

8 days, 3 hours each day, online.

Course Fee

300 USD

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