Managing Campaign finances in a competitive election (Starts – April 2023)

You can avoid the undesirable situation of plunging in debt during and after an election campaign if you equip yourself with skills from experts in campaign finance management. Campaign resources if not properly managed can fail to impact and deliver a good election result.

This course focuses on managing campaign finance resources, campaign finance budgets, and campaign schedules, developing a campaign work plan and monitoring its execution, tracking expenditure, and value for money. You will also learn how to maximize other non-monetary resources, leveraging non-financial capital. Trainees will learn tactics for running a successful campaign with lesser resources but with maximum impact.

Learning Outcome
Participants successfully completing this course should be able to effectively manage a campaign finance budget and run an election campaign with maximum impact

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the concepts of financial management of campaign resources
  • Developing campaign work plan and budget
  • Design your own campaign budget tracking tools
  • Accounting for campaign finance resources
  • Managing and accounting for non-monetary resources

Target Participants

Political Candidates, Political Parties, Campaign Agents, Politicians, Political Organizations, Policy Makers, Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs), Researchers, and Civil Society Organizations

Course Duration & Delivery Format

8 days, 3 hours each day, online.

Course Fee

300 USD

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