Zimbabwe to hold nationwide elections on August 23rd 2023

President Mnangagwa yesterday, Wednesday 31 May announced that Zimbabwe’s national elections will take place on August 23, 2023. More than 5.8 million registered voters are expected to cast their ballots in the forthcoming general elections.

Zimbabweans have completed the inspection of the voters’ roll for the next election scheduled for August 2023. The secret known is that Zanu-PF leader and incumbent president Emerson Mnangagwa will face off against the youthful Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) opposition leader Chamisa again.

Some Zimbabwean voters who had previously registered have found their names missing from the voters’ rolls. Only those voters who were registered on the rolls on or before 28th April 2023, were listed on the voters rolls. However, this does not mean that citizens who turned 18 years after that date will not have the opportunity to be registered.

Veritas Zimbabwe, in its Election Watch edition 12/2023, indicates that according to section 26A of the Electoral Act, voters’ rolls are closed for the purpose of an election two days after the proclamation calling the election is published.

Citizen election observer groups in Zimbabwe report that campaign spending is intensifying on the ground with candidates of the incumbent Zanu-PF party leading the charge.

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