African civil society coalesces on Political Finance Transparency

Civil society representatives from different African countries have resolved to build and sustain a coalition to promote political finance transparency across the continent. It was further resolved that the notion of political party and campaign financing be demystified for the ordinary citizens to easily relate with and generate interest in monitoring money in politics.

The resolution was reached during the two-day continental conference on Money in Politics in Africa that was organised under the theme: Campaign Finance Transparency. The conference which was conducted virtually on August 30-31, 2023 drew participation of civil society organisations including citizen observers, the academia and media from over 30 countries in Africa. It also drew participation from organisations in the global north including the United States of America, Canada and Europe.

The conference was organised by Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM), the Pan-African political finance watchdog based in Uganda. ACFIM defends democracy by promoting transparency in political financing, identifying strategic new directions for curbing political corruption, promoting political accountability and ethical business practices as well as monitoring civic space for citizen observers as human rights defenders.

The continental coalition on political finance transparency will have representatives from different countries in Africa that work on the subject of money in politics. In most countries these are Transparency International chapters, citizen observer organisations and academia.

ACFIM will coordinate and champion the efforts to pull the continental coalition together and incubate it to engage at three levels namely; African Union level, regional economic community (REC) level and country level.

A clarion call was made to development partners to support the coalition as one of the initiatives for democratic renewal in Africa. The conference on Money in Politics in Africa is an annual event organised by ACFIM.

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