The junta in Niger has met citizen observers twice already

Citizen observers in Niger have been twice summoned by the military junta that overthrew the government of elected president Mohamed Bazoum on July 26, 2023. Secrets Known has learned that in both those meetings it became apparent that the country is experiencing an unprecedented political crisis.

Citizen observers have in no uncertain terms been warned against releasing any statements against the junta that they will end up regretting. They have been further warned that the junta has them under strict surveillance.

However, leaders of the citizen observer groups and other civil society organisations are appealing to all peace-loving Africans whether they be observers or not, to relentlessly push for the return of constitutional order in the Sahel country where the socio-economic situation is degenerating at an increasing rate every day amid sanctions imposed by ECOWAS.

Meanwhile, Secrets Known has learned that former rebel leader and politician in Niger, Rhissa Ag Boula has launched a counter-coup movement opposing the military government and promising to reinstate the overthrown President Mohamed Bazoum. Bazoum has been in detention at his residence since the takeover on July 26, 2023.

Press reports are quoting a statement seen on Wednesday, where Ag Boula and his new Council of Resistance for the Republic (CRR) claims to be in support of ECOWAS’s bid to restore constitutional order in Niger.

Citizen observers are concerned that Niger is becoming more and more isolated from the international community, with the complicity of regional organizations, without the latter becoming grounded with the reality of the experience of Nigerien citizens.

The secret known is that the sanctions inflicted in Niger only affect the poor citizen already bruised by the abject poverty but also exposes them to gross insecurity. The humanitarian situation in Niger is reportedly, worrying.

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