Africans Rising calls for a Borderless Africa

Next week (May 22 – 28 2023), Africans Rising members will commemorate the African Liberation Week under the theme “Borderless Africa.” African people living on the continent and in the diaspora are encouraged to organise an activity or event to promote the Borderless Africa campaign.

The Borderless Africa – Free Movement Campaign is a product of the All-African Movements Assembly (AAMA) held from 29-31 August 2022 in Arusha Tanzania, bringing together over 600 members of Africans Rising. Africans Rising is a platform that brings together Pan-African social movements, activists, human rights defenders, advocates, and key stakeholders from 55 countries across the continent and the diaspora.

The Free Movement Campaign is anchored on the following objectives

  1. The abolition of visa requirements for travel of Africans within Africa
  2. Bring the AU protocol on free movement into force by getting at least 16 more countries to ratify it by 25th May 2023
  3. Organize a continent-wide grassroots push for the mass rollout of the African passport
  4. Give visibility to the linkage between Africans on the continent and global Africa
  5. Facilitate trade among Africans through free movement of people and goods

It is the strong belief of Africans Rising that Africa should be a continent without borders, where people and resources can move freely. Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM-Africa), the African Elections Observers Network (AfEONet), and Secrets Known are strong believers in Africans Rising and are proud to associate with the “Borderless Africa” campaign.

Drawing from the departed Pan-African luminaries such as Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Julius Nyerere, Haile Selassie, and Gamal Abdul Nasser among others, ACFIM advocates for one Africa where the social economic conditions of citizens will discourage Africa youth from migrating to Europe and the middle east where they end up into “voluntary slavery”.

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