ACFIM sets foot in the rest of Africa

Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) last Friday, 10th March unveiled its new brand to great fanfare. The launch event for ACFIM’s new brand was a resounding success. Held at the organisation’s headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, the rebranding announcement reached over 2,000 people on social media including pro-democratic actors from around the world.

ACFIM’s new identity takes a bold and authoritative approach, positioning the organisation as the leading political finance watchdog and policy think tank creating knowledge on the state of money in politics in Africa and its influence on business environment, electoral outcomes and on political decisions.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the new logo. ACFIM’s leadership team and staff worked together to create a new brand, which features a more vibrant colour scheme that reflects the organization’s commitment to promoting and strengthening political integrity for sustainable democracy in Africa.

ACFIM 8 years ago pioneered monitoring money in politics in Uganda and has contributed towards building transparent political finance by shining a light on the dark side of money in politics in East Africa. With that same ambition, ACFIM has now set foot into the rest of Africa because one of the greatest challenges to democracy is commercialised politics, a challenge not only unique to Uganda.

ACFIM’s Executive Director, Henry Muguzi had this to say, our rebrand represents a significant step in our growth and transition into a pan-African organization that fosters inclusiveness, transparency and accountability in political financing in Africa.”

He also spoke about the significance of ACFIM’s new brand which portrays the organisation’s commitment in defending democracy by promoting transparency and accountability in financing election campaigns, political parties and other forms democratic politics with the ultimate aim of building political integrity in Africa.

In an interview with Secrets Known, Elizabeth Karungi, communications officer- ACFIM elaborated that ACFIM’s new brand identity brings an exciting change that better reflects the organisation’s passion for promoting and strengthening political integrity for sustainable democracy in Africa. She further explained that “Alliance” was the anchor for ACFIM’s new logo. That’s because ACFIM is a membership organisation relies on the strength of its alliances to foster political integrity.

The rebrand coincided with Secrets Known’s 100th edition anniversary. Secrets Known is a weekly email newsletter that was created by ACFIM in late 2020 purposely to document best practices and expose the flaws in financing of political parties and election campaigns in Uganda. The newsletter also early this year widened its scope to cover the entire continent.

ACFIM shall through Secrets Known as a platform continue to share the state of political finance in Africa and expose the dangers of money in politics as a threat to democracy.

ACFIM’s new brand has already been met with great enthusiasm from relevant stakeholders.  And with the new brand, ACFIM is now better positioned to achieve its vision of an African society whose leaders emerge from a political process that is inclusive, transparent and accountable.

Read more about ACFIM’s rebrand here.

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